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The Leagues of Votann Are on Their Way

The Leagues of Votann Are on Their Way

Sep 17th 2022

It’s nearly time – the Leagues of Votann army set is available for pre-order today. Just call or message us to reserve your Limited Edition box set!

The Leagues of Votann are, ultimately, Space Dwarves, and they play pretty much exactly how you’d expect! Their infantry is slow but durable, they’ve got some cracking weapons and technology, and some mighty heroes who bring powerful buffs to bear in charge. The army wants to move up over the first couple of turns to occupy every objective up to and on the mid-line of the table, then grind the opponent to dust as they try and shift them from that position, and they’ve very much got the guns and defences to pull that off.

The new box set, codex, and other loads of Squat plastic will be available soon also.