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Fantasy Flight Announces Marvel Champions Campaign Contest

Fantasy Flight Announces Marvel Champions Campaign Contest

Posted by FFG on Sep 6th 2022

FFG Announcement:

Greetings, Marvel Champions: The Card Game fans!

Since the game’s release in late 2019, players of Marvel Champions have battled villain's countless times around the world. Sometimes those villains are confronted as part of standalone scenarios, but just as often players take on the threats as part of a larger campaign. Now, as we head toward the release of the game’s fifth campaign expansion, we have a special opportunity for you Marvel Champions superfans: a Campaign Contest!

That’s right, you read that correctly. This special contest invites players to create their own custom Marvel Champions campaigns (using existing content). Mix and match your favorite villains/scenarios from across all of the game’s expansions and create your own unique story, then send it our way for a chance to win a copy of Mutant Genesis when it releases this fall. We’ll reveal the winners in a livestream on September 28th, in which game designers Caleb Grace and Tony Fanchi will give their takes on the winning campaigns and provide some behind-the-scenes insight on their own campaign-creation process.