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Avalon Hill is Adventuring to Gen Con 2022

Avalon Hill is Adventuring to Gen Con 2022

Posted by GenCon on Jul 29th 2022

Excitement is growing as temperatures rise, because we know summer brings Gen Con. There’s nothing quite like the Gen Con experience: catching up with friends from all over the world, tasting the delights offered by food trucks, and of course playing games 24/7.

Avalon Hill has a lot to offer. You’ll find minis and more on display from games such as HeroQuest, RISK: Shadow Forces, and other exciting games! They will also have plenty of surprises for you!

3rd Edition of Betrayal at House on the Hill is almost here! And Gen Con will be one of the first places where US fans will be able to play it. Delve into the latest version of the classic horror survival game with your fellow gamers to see if you can defeat the traitor – or become one yourself!

Come see what the buzz is around HeroQuest! This recently re-released title was one of the first dungeon crawlers.

The next legacy game in the RISK line is coming, but how do you demo a game that you permanently change? You let the players keep it! Our RISK: Shadow Forces events are going to be unique in that only one ticket for each event will be available, and those who sign up will be asked to bring 2-4 friends. You’ll kick off your RISK: Shadow Forces campaign at Gen Con, make permanent changes to the copy you play, and at the end of your session you’ll pack up the game and take it with you to continue your campaign back at your hotel!

The Yawning Portal: A Dungeons & Dragons Strategy Board Game is for 1-4 players and is the first of the exciting Gen Con reveals. They hope fans of both board games and Dungeons & Dragons will find this an unforgettable and unique experience within the Forgotten Realms setting. You can sign up for events to experience the game firsthand or stop by the booth for a short demo.

Stop by the Avalon Hill booth and let us know what you were able to demo and how you liked all of these great new releases!